Hi there, you’re listening to Pop Filter, and I'm here to listen to some of the latest albums that have dropped so you know which gems catch the ear and deserve a listen. Our goal is to share interesting new albums and highlight just what makes them so cool.

Pop Filter was conceived in December of 2020, after another night of listening to and dissecting music and sharing what I thought made the album enjoyable to listen and where it may have strayed. After years of reviewing albums for print and in conversation, I thought it was time to put my thoughts out in a newer, fresher, format.

Pop Filter is the natural end result of years of involvement in arts & culture and working and volunteering in independent radio across Canada. After travelling and working at radio stations on both the West, East, and West coast again, Pop Filter is a space for those influences, exposures, and experiences to come together.

In my day job, when I'm not listening to albums or recording Pop Filter, you can check out some of the work I count myself lucky to be a part of at CFUV FM in Victoria, BC.
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